Level Six water restrictions are expected to come into effect next month in Cape Town, limiting families to 10,500 litres of water per month or 87 litres per person daily.

Dam levels remain low at 33%, with the city saying if high water usage this past week continues, taps could run dry by April. Visitors to Cape Town say they are aware of and are willing to do their bit to save water as the province experiences the worst drought in a century.

The City official, Farouk Roberton says with the festive season in full swing, tourists are enjoying the sights, but they’re encouraged to be mindful of their water usage.

“This time last year in summer we normally use in excess one thousand million litres like we would have easily been in hot days like this. We would of gone up to 1200 million litres of water a day we are right down to 600 but we can see there’s a couple of things that sort of fluctuates. So, the city is implementing all measures that it can and we are requesting all our consumers every one that is linked to the tap to do their little bit to save water,” says Roberton.

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