The City of Cape Town says it is ready to welcome Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi to the Mother City on Friday and celebrate her triumph on the world stage with pomp and splendour.

Tunzi called the Mother City home when she studied at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.

Mayor Dan Plato says he looks forward to meeting a young woman who is using her influence to help others.

“As the people of Cape Town, it will truly be a privilege to host Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi in the Mother City. Ms Tunzi’s impressive win on an international stage and her work to raise awareness about social issues, such as gender-based violence has been an inspiration to many South Africans.”

‘Miss Universe not just about beauty’

In an interview with Morning Live on Thursday morning, Tunzi said being crowned Miss Universe is not just about beauty.

“I usually say to people that when I did the beauty pageant thing at first, it was not because I thought I was the most beautiful woman in South Africa but because I had a voice and something to say just like a lot of other women in South Africa. I was just looking for a platform where I can be able to stand there and voice my opinions and look for a position of leadership. I felt that that was the relevant place to do it, because it would give me the platform that I needed to be able to get my message across.”

Below is  Miss Universe Zozibini Tunzi full interview with Morning Live’s Leanne Manas :