Cape Town luxury car owners remove plates to avoid traffic cameras

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The City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security, JP Smith, has raised concerns about the growing trend of luxury car owners removing their number plates to avoid detection by traffic cameras.

In response to this practice, the city has taken action. It has impounded luxury vehicles whose owners are in breach of the bylaws.

Smith says, “There is a record of the behaviour of the vehicles. We can also see if there are any admin markings, in other words, if the person has a significant number of fines that have become arrest warrants and an admin mark has been placed on the vehicle. And under those circumstances where the vehicle is clearly a repeat offender where the person is making a habit of defeating the ends of justice, in other words taking the number plates off so as to be less detectable by cameras. In those cases, we do take action.”

The removal of number plates is a growing problem in the city as owners of luxury vehicles try to avoid detection for various traffic offences and avoid fines and penalties.

By cracking down on this behaviour, Cape Town authorities hope to promote safer road conditions and enforce traffic laws effectively.

The City Of Cape Town set to continue impounding cars without number plates