Cape Town to implement Level Six water restrictions from Monday

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The City of Cape Town says the implementation of Level Six water restrictions from New Year’s Day on Monday will help to avoid Day Zero estimated in May next year.

This is when the taps are predicted to run dry.

The latest water restrictions follow a national Water Department’s directive which requires urban users to reduce their water usage by 45% and agricultural users by 60%.

Mayoral spokesperson Zara Nicholson, says while many Capetonians are saving water, some 200 000 households are exceeding the daily limit of around 300 litres.

She says: ‘The daily water limit usage will remain at 87 litres per person per day. We will then consider lowering the usage target further in an effort to adhere to the new restrictions and also to avoid day zero when most of the taps will be turned off.”

“A household of four people should use far less that 350 litres per day. However, houses with high consumption typically use 2-5 times as much as the average household users,” she adds.