Cape Town on a drive to prevent Day Zero

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The City of Cape Town will on Thursday give an update on efforts to prevent Day Zero when taps are expected to run completely dry.

A special council meeting is expected to be held on Friday to debate various issues, including the proposed drought levy.

The City of Cape Town says the drought situation has reached a crucial moment and significant behaviour change is needed to curb excessive water use.

Earlier this week, Mayor Patricia de Lille said Day Zero had been moved closer to April 21.

She says on the day, the city will be forced to turn off most of the taps and residents will have to queue for 25 litres of water per day.

De Lille says Cape Town’s average daily collective consumption is still too high. It has increased to 618 million litres per day, up from 578 million litres per day.

Dam levels have dipped to 28.7% in the past week, with only about 18.7% of usable water left.

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