A video involving a teacher slapping a learner at San Souci High School in Cape Town has gone viral and resulted in learners conducting a peaceful protest at the school.

The video, which is about two minutes long. shows the teacher arguing with the learner because she had her cellphone in class.

Western Cape Minister of Education Debbie Schafer has issued a statement and has condemned any form of corporal punishment.

The teacher can be seen arguing with the learner who appears to not have her workbook and is sitting with her cellphone in her hand.

The teacher then reprimands and questions her actions.

The confrontation then escalates with the learner accusing the teacher of swearing at her, which the pupil denies.

The educator then takes the learner’s cellphone and says she is going to remove it.

In a further escalation, the learner then pushes the desk into the teacher as she tries to get her phone back, this is when the educator slaps her across her face to the shock of fellow learners.

Meanwhile, a statement has been issued by Schafer which states that officials are visiting the school Wednesday to discuss disciplinary steps.

Schafer also says we cannot assume that this was racially motivated.