Cape residents warned of snakes

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Snake handlers have warned Western Cape residents to be on the lookout for the reptiles on their properties due to the persistent drought in the province.

They say the slithery reptiles are forced to look for water near properties with pools and water features in warmer weather.

Bodington Snake and Reptile Rehabilitation Centre’s Shaun James says generally when a person encounters a snake, it does not want to be in the same space.

He says: “You are a lot bigger than him, he is afraid of you. He will probably try to move away from you or warn you. Best thing to do is just leave them alone.”

He says snakes need water every day they smell with their toungues which scent water from up to 100 metres away.

“If you got water in the garden and no water in the little stream where he used to get his water, he is going to come to your garden and find that water he needs to survive,” adds James.