Residents of Bonteheuwel in the Cape Flats in Cape Town, Western Cape, have asked Police Minister Bheki Cele to speed up the process of convening a workers’ summit in the Cape Metro.

The residents allege that the Minister has so far failed to deliver on this request which they say was made about three months ago.

The residents reiterated their request for a local police station to be built in Bonteheuwel to tackle crime.

A resident says, “We have had engagements with your office today, we have not yet received any replies. You will recall that in October towards the beginning of November, we were supposed to have a working class summit, it was supposed to have been arranged by the inter-ministerial task team. You are failing and you are throwing us to the politicians, you are playing games with our lives. So you need to tell us when we are going to have a working class summit…”

Cele is in the area as part of a stakeholders’ engagement initiative.