We can’t be held ransom by Ajay Gupta: Hawks

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Acting Hawks head Yolisa Matakata says they will not be held at ransom by Ajay Gupta and his lawyer to show them his arrest warrant before he can turn himself in.

Matakata and her team are appearing before the Police committee to brief it on progress in high profile investigations.

She was questioned about the Hawks’ engagement with Gupta’s lawyer who made various demands.

Matakata says, “Your question around our engagement with the lawyer of Ajay Gupta has taken place. And beside that we won’t be held at ransom if I may put it like that because the information they want before they hand over their client to us. We have refused to give certain information that they wanted and also have serving the warrant of arrest on the lawyer. We said bring your client we must arrest your client, not serve it on you.”

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