Former South Africa swimmer Cameron van der Burgh has spoken out on social media about the effects of contracting coronavirus (COVID-19).

He’s also warned athletes about training with the virus, and trying to get back into action too soon. Van der Burgh says he’s been struggling with COVID-19 for two weeks, and described it as the worst virus he’s ever endured. That’s despite the fact that he’s young, fit and healthy.

He says even though the worst is over, he’s struggling to get rid of the cough, and that even short walks leave him exhausted. He also says the loss of body conditioning has been immense and sympathises with those potential Olympic athletes still trying to keep up with their training.

The International Olympic Committee hasn’t made an announcement regarding the Tokyo Olympics, although it seems more and more likely that they will be postponed. Van der Burgh warns against returning to training too soon, and signs off his twitter thread with “health Comes First – Covid 19 is no joke”.

Below is the statement from the Department of Health on latest confirmed cases in SA: