Calm has been restored in Harrismith after a week of unrest over service delivery issues. Business people are now counting their losses after closing due to the protests.

Teaching and learning has also been affected. A week of unrest has brought instability in Harrismith, where residents went on the rampage demanding to be separated from Maluti-A-Phofung Municipality.

They say they contribute a lot of revenue to the municipality but no services are rendered.

Harrismith residents have shared their views on the matter.

“We owe Eskom seemingly how we don’t know. Because we buy electricity from Eskom but QwaQwa and Tshiame in fact Maluti-A-Phofung residents they buy electricity from Maluti-A-Phofung which the municipality does not pay Eskom for those unit.”

Another resident says: “We want the president to come and address us, we don’t want this municipality anymore .”

Calm restored in Harrismith after a week of unrest:

Businesses in the area are now bearing the brunt. Shop owner, Mubeen Rafique, says it has not been easy. “ It’s been hard, we closed for a while, people are not coming to town because shops are closed.”

Another shop owner, Idah Mohomane, says: “We don’t know what we’ve done wrong, the only thing we are asking for is the president to come, because now this is affecting all of us.”

Some shops remain closed while others have opened.

Area manager, Nicolene Muller says “The impact has been very bad especially for the people in Harrismith, the staff can’t even cope to work, they are being threatened, clients can’t come due to protests.”

Earlier this week, Protesters disrupted traffic flow on  the N-3  where more than 30 people, including minors were arrested.

Some have appeared in the Harrismith Magistrate Court on charges of public violence.

Police continue to monitor the situation.