Calls for the use of the K-word by Catzavelos’ to be declared hate speech

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The Human Rights Commission wants the Equality Court in Johannesburg to declare businessman Adam Catzavelos’ use of the K-word, discriminatory and hate speech.

Catzavelos is expected to appear in the court sitting in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court north of Johannesburg on Monday morning.

The case relates to an incident in August last year in which he allegedly made racial comments while on holiday in Europe.

He made a video which went viral on social media.

Catzavelos faces a charge of crimen injuria.

The commission’s Buang Jones says they brought the court application against Catzavelos and are seeking remedial action…

“In this matter, the commission seeks the court to declare the utterances of Mr. Catzavelos as hate speech. We further seek the court restrain Mr. Catzavelos from making similar racial slur utterances. We demand R200 000 and we also demand that Mr. Catzavelos makes an unconditional apology to all South Africans. We also want Mr. Catzavelos at his own cost to undergo a racial activity programme.”

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