It’s nearly been a week since Sandiswa Sali left her home with her one-year-old child and never returned. Her family are distraught and with each passing day the feeling of hopelessness increases.

Her uncle, Chumile Sali, is pleading with South Africans to come forward with any information. The anxiety of not knowing Sandiswa’s whereabouts has taken a toll on the family.

“We are stressed as a family. We are hoping that we find her alive. We really don’t know what is happening to her or where she is, but as a family, we will keep on searching until we find her and the baby.”

A main concern stemming from her disappearance is that she is not familiar with Johannesburg.

In October 2017, she relocated to Midrand with her daughter Luminathi, from Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape. This in the hope to start a new life and pursue her dreams of finishing school and making a better life for them.

“We checked in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape, but she is not there. We even phoned the father of the baby and he also says that there has been no contact from Sandiswa.”


On Friday, the 9th of February, Sali and her child took a local taxi to Boulders Shopping Mall in Midrand. She left most of her belongings, including her cellphone at home. She never made it back.

“Sandiswa didn’t leave any message or signal that she might not come back. We tried to ask around at the complex, one security guard said he spotted her outside the mall around 7PM on Friday evening. He says she looked fine with the baby at the time and he did not suspect anything bad.”


CCTV footage shows Sandiswa Sali and her child Luminathi last seen on the 9th of Feb at Boulders Shopping Mall in Midrand.

Chumile Sali is thankful for the help from the South African Police Service who have been actively searching for Sandiswa since her disappearance.

“We are calling on everyone in the Midrand, Diepsloop, Tembisa areas who has seen a young woman, 27-years-old, light-skinned with a one-year-old baby to call the police at Midrand or any nearest police station.”

Have you seen Sandiswa Sali? Help Sala’s family and contact the Midrand Police Station with any information that could lead to her safe return: Detective Makwela on 0113471626 or 0827835709.