The ability to influence people’s thinking and behaviour has the power to change history.

Revolutionaries and freedom fighters around the world are proof to this.

71-year-old Mam’Eldah Radebe is also living that truth. She has embraced democracy and all the opportunities it’s brought for her.

In addition to her nursing qualifications, the go-getter boasts an Administration degree and an MBA, which she obtained a year after South Africa’s 1994 landmark elections.

Raised by her grandmother in rural Eastern Cape, Radebe didn’t allow her background nor the fear of the unknown limit her. The 71-year-old was among the first South African nurses to work abroad.

She’s now based in Johannesburg but has work experience in Saudi Arabia and the UK.

Mam’Radebe influenced labour laws in Saudi Arabia, which led to the process known as Saudirization.

And she continues inspiring young people in her life and society to be the change they want to see.


Watch her story below: