Lufuno Mavhunga has been laid to rest.

The 15-year-old Grade 10 learner’s funeral service was held this morning in Limpopo.

She was laid to rest at Tshirenzheni Cemetery.

Mavhunga took her life on Monday after a video showing her being assaulted by a fellow learner, went viral on social media.

She has been described as a dedicated learner whose ambition was to become a doctor so that she could empower rural communities.

“Lufuno was my daughter. I thought as any other child from Mbilwi I would see her in two years time at the ranch hotel to collect her award, her prize. That is what Mbilwi is know for. Funo… please go well, please rest from your deputy mother, I love you,” said Education MEC Polly Boshielo who paid an emotional tribute to Mavhunga.

One of the mourners called for action.

She called on the country’s leaders to come up with solutions to bullying and church leaders to preach the truth. She also urged teachers and parents to work together to instill morals in children.

“We need to come to a place where we understand that unity is all that we need. We need to raise our collective voices and chant at the same time – enough is enough,” she lamented.

Live proceedings of Mavhunga’s funeral service the video below:

The provincial education department has said it will investigate school’s handling of the matter.

The learners who shot the video of Mavhunga’s assault and can be heard cheering on the accused have been suspended from the school, pending disciplinary proceedings.

The one who is facing an assault charge is due back in court on Tuesday following a preliminary hearing into her matter.

SABC News reporter Pimani Baloyi was at Mavhunga’s funeral: