Cadre deployment can’t be faulted in principle and will continue: ANC

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The African National Congress (ANC) has welcomed the judgment of the High Court in Pretoria that dismissed the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) application to have its cadre deployment policy declared unconstitutional and invalid.

The court said the DA approached it with a case built on speculation.

The ANC says it will continue implementing the policy.

The opposition party says it will seek leave to appeal the judgment, which comes just days after its victory in the Constitutional Court last week.

In the earlier judgment, the court ordered the governing party to hand over its cadre deployment records to the DA.

The ANC complied.

The Party’s National Spokesperson, Mahlengi Bhengu-Motsiri says, “It is the ANC’s view that the practice of cadre deployment should not be inconsistent with principles of fairness, transparency and merit in the employment of individuals to public entities.”

“Cadre deployment cannot be faulted in principle. In pursuit of building a united, non-racial, non-sexist, democratic and prosperous society, the ANC will continue implementing its cadre deployment policy in our deployment strategy to ensure that individuals with impressive qualifications, experience and credentials are deployed to build a better life for all South Africans.”