Cabinet proud in achievements of 3 decades of democracy: Ntshavheni

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Minister in the Presidency Khumbudzo Ntshavheni says the Cabinet is proud of what they have done and achieved over the past three decades of democracy to change the lives of poor South Africans for the better.

She was addressing the media after the final Cabinet meeting of the 6th administration in Pretoria.

South Africa will be celebrating 30 years of democracy and freedom next month, following the 1994 elections. However, the World Bank says the country has the most unequal society in the world.

Poverty levels have also increased, with the government also saying over 30 million poor South Africans are receiving a form of assistance from the state.

Minister Ntshavheni says they have done a lot.

“The majority of the blacks you are talking about are no longer where they were in 1994. Will the eradication of poverty be done overnight.? However, if you do the comparison, I just forget the statistics, and we can check for you the statistics. The poverty levels in South Africa have improved from where they were before in terms of the Gini coefficient. Would we have preferred that the face of poverty does not remain black? Yes, we would have preferred that the face of poverty does not remain black and does not remain women. We are not ashamed, and we are very proud of the achievements we have made. We are aware of the challenges that still confront us, and we have put measures in place to address those challenges.”