Political analyst Bheki Mngomezulu says Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi should step down while the party is still intact.

On Monday the IFP national leadership announced that the long-awaited national elective conference was being postponed, saying some branches were not ready.

However, party insiders have dismissed this saying the conference has been postponed due to factional squabbles in the leadership race.

Mngomezulu explains: “If he were to stay on under the pretext that he wants to make sure he wants to solve the other problems chances are those who want him to stay on would keep creating as many problems as possible so as to justify his continued stay and then that will not do well for him. Because people would say you are the leader of the party and the party is falling apart, so what are you doing? So that is why in my view I don’t think it will be advisable. If I were to advise Inkosi Mangosuthu Buthelezi I would say if there was any time, opportune time for him to leave is now. Because at least up to now the party is done well, it is leading in a number of municipalities in the province, so rather leave now then wait until things go badly because people would say you built the party but also destroyed it.”