CORRECTION: Businessman Patrice Motsepe says he would like to stay out of politics

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Editorial Note: This story and the headline has been amended to reflect Patrice Motsepe’s comments on being nominated by some ANC branches for the position of ANC president. The earlier story said he was keeping mum about it.

Businessman Patrice Motsepe says he would like to stay out of politics to focus on issues that unite South Africans.

This comes after some ANC branches nominated him for the position of ANC president in the 55th National Conference next month.

During a meeting he had with traditional and religious leaders in Sandton on Tuesday, Motsepe told SABC News that he was better off outside of politics.

“It’s important for people like myself, in particular, to keep focussing on the things that bring us together across political parties and across backgrounds that we come from. And keep away from politics, because if you participate in politics you lose the focus, you lose the broader obligation.”

Motsepe says that he remains confident that ANC’s National Elective Conference next month will be a success.

Watershed conference 

The ANC says its National Conference at NASREC from the 16th of December will be a watershed moment.

The party says it comes at a time when the country is facing severe challenges and declining ANC electoral support.

Treasurer-General Paul Mashatile delivered the post National Executive Committee NEC statement at Luthuli House in Johannesburg on Sunday.

“The 55th National Elective Conference comes at a time when the country and the movement faces severe challenges in a global time of uncertainty. The achievements of a democracy are under strain and ANC electoral support has declined. It will therefore be a watershed conference for the movement to ensure that it revitalises itself to intensify the pursuit of a non-racial, non-sexist , democratic and prosperous society.”