Business Unity SA calls for leadership certainty at Eskom

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Business Unity South Africa President, Sipho Pityana, says business would like to see leadership certainty at Eskom.

Pityana says energy security is key in rebuilding the country’s economy and this will take a strong leadership team to fix the challenges currently facing the power utility.

Eskom has a near-monopoly, producing 95 percent of the country’s electricity. Some energy analysts say government should offer incentives for people to install solar and feed excess energy into the grid.

Pityana was speaking at the Business Economic Indaba in Sandton north of Johannesburg.  His comments follow the recent resignation of the Eskom board chairperson, Jabu Mabuza.

“There have been that have been put on the table around restructuring Eskom by the technical task team which has been appointed by the President and the board.  We would like to know how that is being pursued. How that restructuring is happening. We are encouraged that there is a new CEO. We hope that he’s a long term appointment. We are concerned about uncertainty of leadership at the board level. There have always been issues about the capacity of the board from a point of view of size but there are very good skills on that board.”