Business is slowly picking up along the harbour after being affected by the sewage that was flowing into the port of Durban.

Millions of litres of garbage and effluent flowed into the port after an eThekwini municipality pump station malfunctioned.

It has affected the harbor, the local yacht club, Wilson’s Wharf and the Durban Point area.

Point Yacht club Manager Darrel Williams says businesses only re-opened their restaurants last week after it was closed for three weeks.

“A lot of people still perceive the area to be still full of sewage which is not the case, it’s getting a lot better but the city has informed us that pump station is fully functional, everything’s working. We unfortunately still have a bit of spill still coming out from the creek and obviously through the drainage system of the city. We don’t have too much smell coming through at the moment except when it’s low tide. So we’ve asked the city to assist us in maybe just washing that down because it’s still above the water line.”