Bushbuckridge residents march against water shortage

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Water utility, Rand Water is being accused of failing to pump enough water to Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga. Residents of Mkhuhlu have marched to Rand Water offices demanding supply of potable water.

They claim to have been without water for three months. Local clinics, hospitals and schools are affected by the situation.

A local African National Congress (ANC) branch -peacefully marched on Monday so that Rand Water can scale up its water supply.

“We want water, Rand Water is no longer supplying water as expected. We have spoken to them but they are not giving us proper answers on why they have reduced the water supply,” says ANC Councillor, Bhunu Malandule.

Water shortage is not a new thing in Bushbuckridge.

“When we come to the clinic we can’t use toilets because there is no water. It’s worse when you have got a running stomach,” says one resident.

“The worst part is that they are not even informing us about the water cut off, we are suffering” adds another concerned resident.

A memorandum of grievances was handed over to Rand Water.

“I do not have a mandate to respond to the issues raised here. But my leaders will respond within the period of time given here,” says Rand Water representative, Bernadette Greaver.

Rand Water has been given two weeks to respond to the demands.