Bushbuckridge Residents Association (BRA)

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The Bushbuckridge Residents Association (BRA) was formed in 2011, of former ANC members who left the party because they felt they were marginalised. The party is very vocal around the Bushbuckridge area, with regular protests, which on a few times ended in clashes with the police.

The party’s leader is Delta Mokoena.

During the 2011 Local Government Elections, the party managed to win seven seats in the Bushbuckridge local council which is made of 74 seats.

The BRA enjoyed huge support ahead of the local government elections by spreading a message of improving the lives of the people of Bushbuckridge. With the party obtaining at least seven seats in the local council, it hopes to make an entry into the Provincial Legislature after the 7 May general elections.

Given the results they got in Bushbuckridge, the BRA believes that they are going to be a political force not only in Bushbuckridge but in the whole country. The party will contest the national and Mpumalanga provincial elections.

In February, leader of the association was released from jail three months after he was convicted of charges linked to vigilantism.
Last year, the party’s supporters chased away Mpumalanga Premier, David Mabuza and his MEC’s when they visited Bushbuckridge.

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