An explosion on a bus on Monday killed at least two people in the Ugandan town of Lungala, two days after a bombing in the capital Kampala, police said.

The cause of the bus explosion on the main road between Kampala and Masaka was not immediately known, a military spokesman said.

Earlier in the day, Ugandan police said they were investigating whether fighters allied with Islamic State had carried out the bombing in Kampala on Saturday night that killed one person and injured three others.

Meanwhile, Islamic state has claimed responsibility for a deadly blast, which happened late on Saturday, that killed at least one person in Uganda‘s capital Kampala.

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni said the bomb attack “seems to be a terrorist act.”

The militant group then claimed responsibility in a statement in an affiliated Telegram channel late on Sunday.

The group said that some of its members detonated an explosive device in a bar where “members and spies of the Crusader Ugandan government were gathering” in Kampala.

The bomb, packed with nails and shrapnel, targeted a pork restaurant on the outskirts of the capital, police said on Sunday.

They said information gathered indicated that three men, disguised as customers, visited the restaurant, placed a polythene bag under a table and left moments before the explosion.

The explosion killed a 20-year-old waitress and wounded three people, two of whom were in critical condition, police said, adding all indications suggest an act of domestic terror.