Bullying case against Limpopo teen moved to Tuesday

Image: SABC News

The minor had her assault case heard in camera.

A Limpopo learner arrested for allegedly bullying a fellow learner, had her case postponed to Tuesday next week in the Thohoyandou magistrate’s court.

The 15-year old learner was depicted in a video that went viral on social media, in which she was allegedly assaulting a fellow learner outside Mbilwi Secondary School.

The minor had her assault case heard in camera, with only her parents, a legal representative and the prosecutor present in court.

The bullied victim, Lufuno Mavhunga, overdosed on pills and died in hospital. The accused minor remains in custody at a care facility.

A memorial service for 15-year-old Mavhunga also took place on Friday.

It was held at her school, Mbilwi Secondary School, in Limpopo.

She has been described as a peace-loving child.

Her assault sparked public outcry, with the hashtag #JusticeForLufuno trending on social media.

It also reignited the debate on violence in South Africa.

Her assailant faces an assault charge. Several other learners who are said to have egged her on during the assault face suspension from school.

Meanwhile, two other learners are also facing charges of assault, after bullying incidents were captured on video at schools in Mohodia and Ga-Matlala.

Limpopo Education MEC Polly Boshielo says, “The three videos, the one was a Nduna at Ga-Matlala, where one learner was using a tree branch to beat the other one. That learner has been arrested, the second one is at George Tladi school, at Mohodi Manthata where one learner stabbed another one with a scissor that learner is in Polokwane hospital.

The Congress for South Africa’s Students is demanding psychological evaluations for learners.

COSAS Limpopo’s Skhalo Mahladisa explains, “Imagine if we had psychologists in Mbilwi. Imagine if we had social workers in Mbilwi, the problem would have been resolved at that level. But because we do not have, teachers will just assume that no we have resolved the matter. It is fine, they must go home so that is the main challenge.”

Lufuno Mavhunga will be laid to rest on Saturday at Tshirenzheni village in Nzhelele.

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