Residents of Lerato Park informal settlement in Kimberley in the Northern Cape say a bucket toilet system and the lack of water is what they have been subjected to for the past two decades. Residents in the area say due to their sanitation issues amidst rising COVID-19 cases they have now lost hope in political parties in the province.

Residents say they have pinned all their hopes in the Frances Baard Service Delivery Forum. They believe the forum will bring about changes to their water crisis, inadequate sanitation and housing issues.

“We have been asking them to install taps and toilets in our yards for many years to no avail,” says one resident.

“Can we please have toilets, running water and electricity,” asks another resident.

Leader of the Frances Baard Service Delivery Forum Monde January says they are confident that they can bring about the much-needed change in the community.

“We want to remove politics out of service delivery. Primarily, because service delivery is to ensure that our lives are going on. In other words, when you wake up in the morning, you want to ensure that you have electricity; you want to make sure you’ve got water; you have sanitation,” says January.

Meanwhile, the forum will be contesting in 46 wards come the first of November during local government elections.

VIDEO: Health harzards as bucket toilets not collected for 2 months: