Brown has been sidelined: Analyst

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Minister for Public Enterprises, Lynn Brown seems marginalised when Deputy President, Cyril Ramaphosa announced the new Eskom Board.

Jabu Mabuza is the new Board Chairperson. Ramaphosa also put the power utility under the supervision of a ministerial task team, diluting the efficacy of Brown. Ramaphosa was tasked by President Jacob Zuma with turning around the corporation, and will chair the new committee.

Energy expert Ted Blom says Brown has been sidelined.

“Mr Ramaphosa seems to me had to manoeuvre pass Lynn Brown and the parliamentary structures and engage directly with Eskom. How he has done it I don’t know but it seems to me that he couldn’t fire Lynn Brown as everybody has  been calling because that’s Zuma’s pregorative, maybe some caring work by Cyril, but whether this caring actually solves the problem that’s the issue, the issue is that Eskom needs to be fixed.”