British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn casts his vote in general election

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British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn cast his vote in the general election on Thursday, arriving to vote with his wife Laura Alvarez.

Corbyn, 70, has promised as part of his election campaign, higher public spending, nationalisation of key services, taxes on the wealthy and another referendum on Brexit.

All major opinion polls suggest Prime Minister Boris Johnson will win, though pollsters got the 2016 referendum wrong and their models predict outcomes ranging from a hung parliament to the biggest Conservative landslide since the era of Margaret Thatcher.

The election pitches two of the most unconventional British politicians of recent years against each other. Both have been repeatedly written off by opponents and both offer starkly different visions for the world’s fifth-largest economy.

Corbyn, once an opponent of the EU, says he would remain neutral if he was a prime minister overseeing another referendum. He pledged to overthrow a “rigged system” he said was run by billionaires and tax dodgers.