British lawmakers will vote on whether to accept Prime Minister Theresa May’s Withdrawal Agreement laying out the terms of departure from the European Union in a key vote Tuesday evening from 19:00 or 20:00 GMT.

The deal has the approval of the EU’s other 27 members. But it remains hugely unpopular among many MPs. The British leader is expected to suffer a humiliating defeat on this key piece of legislation.

Opposition parties in the UK and many of May’s own Conservative MPs have expressed that they cannot back the withdrawal agreement.

Ahead of the key vote on May’s Brexit plan, Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn stated that the prime minister is leading the country down a ‘reckless path’.

Corbyn condemned the deal as a ‘shambles’ and called for a general election if the agreement is rejected Tuesday.

If Parliament rejects the deal, May has until the start of next week to come back to Parliament with a Plan B.

On the other hand, the opposition Labour party said that if May loses the vote by a big margin, it would trigger a vote of no-confidence in her government in an attempt to force a general election.

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