BRICS Summit in SA to be held at critical time as world experiencing changes: Beijing

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The Chinese Foreign Ministry says the BRICS Summit in South Africa is set to be held at a critical time as the world is experiencing profound changes.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is expected to have bilateral meeting with President Cyril Ramaphosa next month.

The expansion of the BRICS is going to be one of the main issues at the summit in South Africa. Beijing says this shows the influence of the economic bloc.

As SABC News Khayelihle Khumalo reports the Chinese National Radio and Television Administration is hosting a group of South African journalists in China.

China looking forward to BRICS summit in SA:


We headed to the International Poverty Reduction Centre in China to hear about their formula in combating poverty, the message is clear especially for countries in the global south.

The South African embassy in China says there’s a great deal of interest as investors gear up to attend BRICS gathering in Johannesburg.

Meanwhile, one of the central pillars in South Africa and China’s foreign policies will have to be peaceful settlement of conflicts for an example on Russia Ukraine conflict, the two nations have been calling for peace.