Brics Science summit under way in Durban

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A two-day Brics Science, Technology and Innovation summit has started in Durban with senior officials laying the groundwork for a meeting by ministers from South Africa, Brazil, Russia, India and China.

The summit is expected to look at new scientific and technological innovations and solutions for problems facing the world. The ministerial summit will start on Tuesday.

The Deputy Director General of South Africa’s Department of Science and Technology, Daan du Toit,  says the conference is an important milestone towards building solidarity and cooperation among emerging countries.

“South Africa is hosting this week in Durban annual meeting of the Brics ministers responsible for science and technology. Brics is of course the partnership between Brazil,Russian federation, India China and South Africa. It’s a strategic partnership which brings these five countries together to intensify political and economical operation for of course the advancement and improvement of the quality living of citizens. And also to be a force and technology forms a critical part of this partnership that is because science and technology enhance.”