BRICS Parliamentary Forum has fostered global social justice: Mashatile

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Deputy President Paul Mashatile says the BRICS Parliamentary Forum has worked to achieve greater global social justice since the establishment of the bloc in 2015.

Mashatile made the remarks while opening the 9th BRICS Parliamentary Forum Assembly taking place over the next two days at Emperor’s Palace on Johannesburg’s east rand.

He urged lawmakers from across the BRICS member countries to use their power to make and repeal legislation to benefit the people’s of the bloc.

Mashatile has outlined issues parliamentarians must continue to debate, refine and establish a consolidated position on.

“The reform of the security council and the fairness of the legal system; the transition to a multi-polar world; the deepening globalisation; exploring new trade and investment prospects; the promotion of international peace and security, shared economic growth, cooperation and mutual beneficial interaction of the people of the world underguarded by a continuous dialogue amongst and between the world’s civilisations for the benefit of humanity.”

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