Coronavirus deaths in Brazil reached 27 878, the Health Ministry said on Friday, surpassing Spain to become the fifth ranking nation in the number of dead.

In the last 24 hours, Brazil, which now has the second-largest outbreak in the world, registered 1 124 deaths from the virus and 26 928 additional cases of the novel coronavirus.

Meanwhile, latest opinion polls from Brazil point to growing numbers of public disapproval for President Jair Bolsonaro, whose popularity has suffered from his handling of the exploding COVID-19 outbreak in Brazil.

A Datafolha survey released this week showed 43% of Brazilians see Bolsonaro’s government as “bad” or “terrible” – up from 38% in April.

But the poll showed Bolsonaro maintaining core support, with 33% of those surveyed rating the government as “good” or “excellent.”

Amidst the pandemic Bolsonaro has weighed in other issues including a police investigation involving members of his family and a Supreme Court investigation on alleged disinformation and an intimidation campaign by his supporters.

On Thursday (March 28), Bolsonaro slammed the Supreme Court’s investigation.

Bolsonaro’s tensions with the judiciary boiled over last week, when a judge released a video of a cabinet meeting where one of Bolsonaro’s ministers said the Supreme Court justices should be jailed.

The video was made public by the court in a separate probe into alleged presidential interference in law enforcement.