Motorists will have to dig deeper in their pockets to fill up at the tanks, come Wednesday.

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy has announced that petrol will increase by R1 a litre in Gauteng and other inland provinces, pushing the price per litre to R17.32.

A litre of petrol will go up by 99 cents to R16.64 a litre on the coast.

The price of diesel in Gauteng will go up by 65 cents per litre, pushing the price to R14.77.

Paraffin will go up by 34 cents per litre, pushing up the price to R8.80.

The increase is a result of international oil prices as well as the weakening rand/US dollar exchange rate putting pressure on the fuel price.

Also adding to the increase is the 27 cents added to the fuel levies, coming into effect this month.

The increase in petrol is discussed in the video below: