Botswana’s government has lifted the lockdown imposed last week on the Greater Gaborone zone. The area comprising of the capital Gaborone and the neighbouring areas was placed under lockdown, after 16 people tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

The government of Botswana says all the 16 people who tested positive for the coronavirus last week were re-tested. Ten of those 16 people then tested negative when the results were released by the National Laboratory.

The other six are still being re-tested. The initial tests were done at the Gaborone Private Hospital.

Government says out of caution, it had to put the Greater Gaborone COVID-19 Zone under lockdown since many people had visited the hospital.

Travelling in and out of this zone is now allowed.

Movement into the zone was only permitted to those with valid inter-zonal permits and only essential services will be permitted while all other services are closed.

The government had also shut down the Gaborone Private Hospital and Stanbic Bank in the capital Gaborone due to possible coronavirus exposure.

Staff, patients and visitors of these facilities between June 8 and 12, were advised to self-quarantine.