Botswana Vice President Mokgweetsi Masisi is the new chair of the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP). He will in all likelihood become the next President of the land locked country. The party held it’s congress in Tonota near Francistown.

The party has ruled Botswana since independence in 1966. President Ian Khama is about to conclude his last term. His Vice President will take the reins.

BDP New Chairperson Mokgweetsi Masisi says, “He and I met and we congratulated each other for first standing as contestants and again expressed mutual admiration for the way we conducted ourselves because we are part of a team. He is a member of the party in the same way I am.”

BDP Chair Competitor Nonofo Molefi says, “The results of this election cement my view about the BDP. The BDP is a winner it is not about individuals it is about an institution which has a culture, a culture and a tradition that has over the years being respected.”

An African National Congress (ANC) delegation believes there are lessons for SA’s ruling party.

ANC delegation member Edna Molewa says, “The manner in which they do things, the elections, is quite similar to what we were discussing at our policy conference recently. Voting for the leadership of the top five the top officials one by one that allows then who ever could not make it in the first position to compete for the second and a so forth.”

The BDP electoral board says their elections are aimed at fostering unity.

The BDP Electoral Board Lesego Pule says, “This sense of block voting is not promoted by the party because we want to create an environment where the party is united especially in light of the fact that we are going to the elections you want a united party.”

Botswana like South Africa goes to the polls in 2019.

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– By Zebilon Maine