Boris rises from the ditch for Halloween

Boris Johnson
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It is the Eve of all Hallows, the ghouls are out and about, Brexit hasn’t happened and Boris Johnson is dead in a ditch.

Except Boris isn’t dead, he has survived, to ‘rise like a political viagra’ to take Britain forward with a ‘lots of ladies at his side.’

The UK’s real prime minister announced in November that he would rather be ‘dead in a ditch’ than ask for a delay to the UK leaving the EU by October 31.

A London venue had planned to celebrate Brexit as part of an immersive War of the World’s experience organised by creative director of dotdotdot Dominic Wong. In War of the Worlds martians attack and people are faced with the end of the world. It seemed a good fit for the end of Britain’s road with Europe.

On Thursday as Londoners celebrated Halloween, the world hadn’t ended and Britain was still in the EU, “the Brexit has been going on for so long. The only thing we can do about it is have a laugh, drink a few cheeky cocktails and just enjoy it.” Wong told Reuters as the barman mixed a Tequila May and No Deal Daquiri to help guests celebrate.

Mindy and Nathan, on holiday from Florida, said they couldn’t judge the UK or Johnson as, “we have a problem with our own orange-haired person!”

More than three years after Britons voted 52%-48% to be the first sovereign country to leave the European project the UK now faces a December general election which will dictate how and when the UK leaves.

In the words of the impersonator prime minister, “we are going to get a full majority. I don’t need Nige or anyone else like that. I’m going to do it my way. The Boris way and I am going to do it with lots of ladies at my side because I think we need that. We need more men and women having fun together in Great Britain. Thank you very much.”