Boeing pledges $100 million to individuals impacted by Lion Air, Ethiopian Airlines crashes

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Commercial airline manufacturer Boeing has pledged to pay a total of 100 million dollars to individuals impacted by the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines crashes that killed 346 people.

In a press release company Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer, Dennis Muilenberg said they were sorry for the tragic loss of lives in both incidents and that it would weigh heavily on their hearts and minds for years to come.

Boeing says it will partner with local governments and non-profit organisations to support education, hardship and living expenses for impacted families, community programmes and economic development of the affected communities.

Employees of the company were also given the green light to make donations to families and communities affected with Boeing pledging to match employee donations through the next six months.

During a flight simulation last week, US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilots found new potential issues with the 737 Max aircrafts that were involved in both crashes.

The 737 jets have been grounded since March while Boeing works to complete a software update to address the FAAs concerns.

The fund set aside by Boeing is not part of any further compensation the company might have to pay those who sue for damages related to the crashes.

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