Blue Monday for commuters as bus strike continues

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It will be a blue Monday for commuters with the bus strike yet to be resolved.

Wage negotiations deadlocked on Friday and a date for the resumption of CCMA mediated talks is yet to be set.

As the stalemate continues, bus commuters are still reliant on alternative transport.

The employer is offering a 7% increase while five unions are demanding 12%.

“We said that they must at least make a provision of an additional 1%, and a substance allowance for workers as they travel, especially the long distance driver, and the night shift allowance… but the employer said go to the nearest mountain,” says National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa President, Andrew Chirwa.

Unions said they would consider a revised offer of nine percent.

“Given the economic scenario depicted, the employers find it difficult to meet those demands and have exceeded their demands,” says Spokesperson for the Bus Employer’s Association Meshack Ramela.

The employer and unions earlier said government should step in.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, the South African Federation of Trade Unions is embarking on a nationwide one-day strike against the proposed national minimum wage of R20 an hour, and other amendments to labour laws.

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