Bloodhound car to do high-speed testing

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The British Bloodhound supersonic car is expected to do its high-speed testing of 800 kilometres per hour at Hakskeenpan in the Northern Cape on Wednesday.

The car aims to do its world land speed record of 1600 kilometres per hour next year.

The car was officially launched on Monday.

Driver of the bloodhound, Andy Green says they will gradually increase the speed for Wednesday’s testing.

Green says, “It’s an extraordinary achievement, what is now the world’s straight-line racing track. We have got the most advance straight-line racing car in the history here on the pan, and now we are making a real impression with testing the car.”

“Testing initially is going to start very slowly, 300 kilometres per hour and then we will go up to 400, 500, all the way up to 800, or above 800. Will the car get to 900 in this weather and temperature, we will find out?” He adds.