Bloemfontein motorist plead with government to improve the state of roads

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Motorists in the Mangaung Metro continue to lament the poor state of roads. Some have pleaded with the Metro and the Department of Roads and Transport to improve the worsening situation as most roads are dangerous to drive particularly when it had rained, and at night.

The poor state of roads is a constant headache for residents. The construction of one of the main roads in Bloemfontein, Moshoeshoe Road has been ongoing since 2019.

Motorists say its road condition hits them hard in the pocket with vehicle repairs.

“If they could just fix the potholes for the cars, tyres are expensive. I mean we pay tax, so they need to fix the roads.”

“We are having serious problems, need our government to help is about the roads. We are having serious problems even now I had a tyre burst with my car now. But can our government please help us with the roads.”

“You can see that the pothole here is a hole is not even a pothole it’s a hole.”

Farmer, Martin Nel says they are also feeling the pinch.

“It’s a huge problem for our farmers we can’t get to town, get children to school, get whatever you need, impossible. This road was graded last year in the first week of November 2019, it was due for regravel for 2022 August nothing happened we talked to the department. They said they are shot staffed and the driver of the grader died.”

Free State Agriculture CEO, Jack Armour says the state of roads is a hindrance when farmers need to transport produce.

“A very urgent plea to government, we understand there’s not enough money for any help for the farmers from government because of COVID and covers are depleted. But what we can do as much as we can to try to fix the roads, try to get the roads drivable again that’s our plea from the Free State Agriculture.”

The Free State Department of Roads and Transport will officially launch a programme to patch potholes across the province on Monday. It’s aimed at eradicating potholes on all provincial roads to ensure motorists can travel safely and without fear of damaging their vehicles.

The department says it wants to make sure that potholes are fixed within the next six months.

Government project to eradicate potholes is at an advanced stage: Mbalula