BLF may see its bid to contest elections challenged

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While other political parties will be trying to attract the largest number of voters ahead of the May 8 Election, the Black First Land First party may not be one of them.

Its stance as a ‘blacks only’ party may see its bid to run in the poll threatened.

Party Leader Andile Mngximtama made it clear as he handed in his party’s Parliamentary candidate list at the IEC on Wednesday that white people are not welcome to join.

“We are the only party that says this land belongs to us and us alone. We don’t have white people here. We don’t accept white people and we were open about it even when we submitted. We don’t accept white people because white people represent those that have made us what we are today. Our children are hopeless unemployed destroyed by drugs because white people have kept the money 25 years later.”

However, legal Officer for the Centre for Constitutional Rights Phepelaphi Dube says the party is opening itself up to legal challenge.

“Well, it would appear to be not just a breach of the Constitution by the Electoral Commission’s Act because the Electoral Commission Act basically says that parties that can’t admit certain parties on the basis of your race, ethnic origin or their colour cannot be registered as political parties. So, that seems to indicate if the BLF goes ahead with this requirement in their Constitution then they can’t run for elections in South Africa.”

Meanwhile, the Freedom Front Plus has slammed the BLF saying it threatens democracy and racial harmony in the country.

It says the party does not qualify to register as a political party and has requested information from the IEC about the BLF’s registration.

The FF Plus says it will announce on Monday next week the steps it will take to ensure that the BLF does not participate in elections.