BLF insists it will defend its spot on ballot

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Black First Land First says it will defeat all the attempts by the Freedom Front Plus to have it deregistered.

FF Plus is challenging the party for its black people only policy. This after the party lost an appeal against the IEC Chief Electoral officer’s decision to deregister BLF.

It has now approached the Electoral Court to intervene. FF Plus says it’s a violation of the electoral code. But BLF insists it will defend its spot on the ballot paper.

BLF president Andile Mgxitama says, “It’s not acceptable from a party of racism to say these black people have no right to organise. Do they want to join us. They don’t want to join us, no. What they don’t want is have this party in Parliament.”

The party is unapologetic about its race policy, saying it will, however, welcome any decision from the court, even if it’s not in its favour.

BLF promises it won’t take that decision lying down.  “We are not going to allow these white people to do what they did in the past 300 years. If our constitution and our laws allow them to do that, we will simply go back to the trenches.”

With just two weeks before the elections, BLF has cast doubt on whether the polls will be free and fair, insisting smaller parties are at a disadvantage.

“Julius Malema is spending R200 000. You guys are spending R20 000. I mean where is free and fair elections. Already there’s problem here.”

But BLF’s election woes are far from over. The Democratic Alliance has also launched a petition to stop the party from contesting the elections.

It reported the party to the Human Right Commission over alleged racist comments.

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