Blade Nzimande challenges Bantu Holomisa to declare his business interests

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High Education Minister Blade Nzimande has challenged United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa to declare his business interests before accusing him of interfering in procurement processes in his department.

This is after Holomisa called for Nzimande’s suspension saying he had received documents from unknown sources allegedly exposing the Minister, at the weekend.

However, Nzimande has described the allegations against him as a fight-back campaign which he says will not intimidate him.

“Some of these people who are shouting the loudest, what are their own business interests like, honourable Holomisa? He’s a businessman, what are his interests, he must declare publicly where is he looking for business. There is no suspicion that he’s talking about R600-million of the SETAs because he himself or his companies that he’s associated with may actually have interest there. Holomisa and others, come out, be transparent yourself first before you actually start throwing stones.”

Meanwhile, Holomisa who has written to President Cyril Ramaphosa about Nzimande, says the Minister must now defend himself to the holders of state.

“He must go an to answer the allegations which I have presented to the President in writing and anyone who wants to read that document can do so on the UDM website.”

UDM calls for dissolution of government amid looting allegations

UDM has called for the government to be dissolved and replaced by a caretaker administration until the 2024 National and Provincial elections following looting allegations by officials.

UDM leader Bantu Holomisa has proposed a caretaker administration, which would consist of representatives from civil society and the judiciary, with no political party representation.

He says this could help curb corruption within the government.

Holomisa says, “We would be fooling ourselves if we expect the ANC to clean itself. Ramaphosa might be serious to say he wants to end corruption but so far the indications on the ground are that his own people are not listening to him, they are continuing to loot.”

“At the local government, it has worked where you appoint an administrator. It is going to be the same arrangement at national level, where the members of parliament will continue doing their oversight work and approving legislations and find out exactly what is happening in institutions, added Holomisa.

His comments come amid allegations of rampant looting by state officials and continued corruption allegations surfacing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In the video below, Holomisa responds to comments made by Minister Nzimande: