Blasts heard just before sunrise in Kyiv

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A projectile was seen over Kyiv’s skyline early on Tuesday (March 15) followed by a bright light and audible blasts.

As the scene returned to silence just after 0500 local time (0300GMT), the sound of car alarms could be heard.

Reuters could not immediately ascertain whether the blast was caused by ordnance hitting its target or from a successful interception made by air defences.

Moscow has not captured any of Ukraine’s 10 biggest cities since beginning its incursion on February 24, the most significant attack on a European state since World War Two.

It calls its actions a “special military operation” to “denazify” the country.

Its forces have been bearing down on Kyiv but have made little progress so far towards the capital itself, despite heavy fighting that has reduced suburbs on its outskirts to rubble.

In Kyiv itself, an apartment block was hit by a missile on Monday (March 14), killing at least one person, officials said.