Rolling blackouts to be reduced to Stage 1: Eskom

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Eskom has announced that blackouts will be reduced to Stage 1 from 21:00 tonight until 5 am on Monday.

The power utility says good progress has been made in recovering generation capacity, but cautions that this is not sufficient to suspend blackouts.

The power utility is appealing to all South Africans to help limit the impact of blackouts by reducing the usage of electricity and to switch off non-essential items.

Eskom Spokesperson Sikhonathi Mantshantsha says Eskom will continue to evaluate the system.

“While there has been an improvement in generation capacity and a significant recovery in the emergency generation reserves caution is called for as much as sufficient to suspend blackouts at this point. Eskom will continue to evaluate the system and make the necessary adjustments as soon as conditions allow. We will communicate promptly should there be any changes to the power system.”

Eskom reviewing rolling blackouts as systems improve: