‘Blackouts could be resolved within four years’

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The political movement Change Starts Now says rolling blackouts could end in four years’ time. The movement, which was formed recently, brings together capable, experienced, and dedicated citizens from all walks of life who are ready to transform the South African political landscape.

Eskom is currently changing the rolling blackouts from stage two to stage three. The movement’s leader, Roger Jardine, told the media in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, yesterday that one way of ending the country’s rolling blackouts is through private-public partnerships.

“The experts are telling us that we can realistically end load shedding in three to four years. Through a relentless focus on a few key variables. Here they are. We must increase solar and storage for households, factories, and businesses. We must reduce the rate of preventable breakdowns at power stations and stabilize energy production. We must ensure that the private and public sectors work together to enable speedy grid connections,” says Jardine.