Black people’s rights are still being trampled upon: PAC

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Secretary-General of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC), Apa Pooe, says the party will continue to fight for the black majority in the country.

He was speaking at the party’s commemoration of the Sharpeville Massacre in Vereeniging in the Vaal.

The late PAC leader, Robert Sobukwe, led the anti-pass law protests that saw 69 people killed and scores injured at the hands of the apartheid government.

Pooe says they participated in Monday’s national shutdown as part of their organisation’s aim to advance the rights of citizens.

He says the rights of black people are still being trampled upon under a black administration.

“For us as the PAC and AZAPO, the struggle continues. The same situation that many of our Africans were faced with, is the current situation that they are faced with. We still don’t have the land, we still are not in control of the economy, our education system is in shatters, people are unemployed. We need to rededicate and reconfirm our commitment to what all liberation struggles stood for. Yesterday, indeed, we were part of the march. That is for us a continuation of the struggle.”

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