“Black Panther” still popular in South Africa after eleven weeks

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The record-breaking Marvel superhero flick, “Black Panther”, is still one of the most popular movies in South Africa after eleven weeks on the country’s Top Ten Chart. Ster Kinekor Entertainment says the film has since its release in the middle of February raked in almost R107 million at the local box office.

“Black Panther” has set a number of new cinema records in South Africa, as well as in the West- and East Africa regions since its opening. It is, however, now getting stiff competition from another Marvel Studios picture, the just released, “Avengers: Infinity War”.

This movie is at the top of the chart for the second week, after making history in South Africa the previous weekend by earning almost R25 million during its opening, the biggest in history.

The much anticipated and internationally acclaimed Afrikaans drama film, “Wonderlus”, has simultaneously fallen out of the Top Ten this week because of strong competition by big overseas’ blockbusters.

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