Black-owned advertising agencies take urgent strides in transforming industry

Groovin Nchabeleng
Reading Time: < 1 minute

Black-owned advertising agencies have formed their own association in the wake of calls to urgently transform the industry. In March this year, the South African Human Rights Commission conducted an inquiry into the advertising industry.

It concluded that the sector needed to be transformed. Nearly 30 years into democracy and the Black Agencies Network Association (BANA) has now been formed.

Its purpose is to speed up transformation and ensure that the sector is representative of the country’s demographics.

BANA chairperson Groovin Nchabeleng says they also want black voices in the industry to be heard.

“The advertising spend in South Africa is close to about R58 billion and it influences close to 60 million South Africans, their mindset, their behaviour, so it’s a very critical sector in our country by just influencing the adult population in South Africa. So it’s very critical that it transforms across the board and that will include the casting, the production, the creating, the media paying, the media buying and all the aspects of advertising.”

The black-owned advertising agencies forming the Black Agencies Network Association – BANA